Eva Sin, RP
Spiritual Psychotherapist

I identify as a cis-gender, racialized Asian woman and I have had the privilege of working and developing meaningful connections with many diverse communities in my 20+ years of experience in front-line education, support and case management work in commercial, government, and not-for-profit sectors including HIV/AIDS sector, newcomer communities, LGBTQQI2S communities, Indigenous communities, and women’s organizations.

My personal and professional practice is operationalized through a reflective, equity-seeking, anti-oppression/anti-racism lens. As we all come with a spectrum of identities and social locations that influence our lived reality it is essential in my work to honour the impact of multiple intersectionalities such as race/class/gender identity and expression/sexual orientation/disability and unpacking how they intertwine with your interaction in this world and meaningfully exploring your life choices in achieving the best version of your beautifully complex Self.


  • Spiritual Therapy
  • Bodywork