Photo of Quincey Xu
Quincey Xu, RMT

Quincey is a Registered Massage Therapist who works in Toronto, Canada. Her practice is focused on taking a therapeutic, detailed and personalized approach to care, considering all aspects of health.

She uses techniques including swedish massage, relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and hot stone therapy techniques to support her clients with a variety of health concerns, who are from the geriatric population to high-risk post-partum maternal care population.

Her massage practice includes collaborating with rehabilitation and internal medicine practitioners to together treat people sports injuries, neurological conditions, tendinitis, insomnia and more, using her knowledge and application of anatomy, physiology, pathology and therapeutic approaches.

Quincey came to massage therapy after practicing as a law clerk and licensed paralegal, where she witnessed and got to know people who were suffering from physical injuries and pain. Quincey then developed her knowledge of human biology and the physical body in order to further understand the progression of conditions, which eventually led her to an interest in personally supporting clients on her own and pursuing obtaining her license to practice massage therapy, studying at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In her clinical placements, Quincey chose to work at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto Rehab University Centre, and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the last of which was in the High Risk Obstetrics. Her research at the time was on osteoporosis, working on developing hands-on therapeutic care approaches for people with the condition.

Quincey brings a detail-oriented, patient-centred approach combined with years of clinical practice to her independent massage therapy clients every day.

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