How We Work

Our licensed health professionals work together in a collaborative environment to take a personalize your health & wellness plans. Each provider brings their unique perspective from international training, research, experience and philosophies. Combined with taking a trauma-informed approach to care, we build an vision of kind and patient-centred care.

Our model is focused on your health outcomes, putting you in the driver’s seat of your healing journey where you belong.


Our clinic is now officially OPEN for in-person appointments in the following disciplines:
Massage therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, IV Micronutrient & Vitamin Therapy and Functional Medicine, Acupuncture and Dietetics.
We still offer both virtual telehealth appointments.
Our herbal medicine apothecary is also open. Please email for orders, refills and pickups.

Read more about our clinic guidelines for in-person appointments and general cleaning at this link here.

Video: Staying Healthy this Spring - Natural Medicine for Colds & Flus



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How to Manage Pain, Naturally

In addition to being uncomfortable, pain conditions can be complicated to understand and even more difficult to manage successfully. In this webinar, Dr. Antonia Tsallas MSc ND shares the basics of pain physiology, and the advantages and variety of natural management approaches available that one might consider from her clinical experience.

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