Psychotherapy is a regulated practice in Ontario, whereby wellness and healing are facilitated between an individual, couple, or family, and a trained mental health professional. This relationship is integral to the treatment and is based on open communication, ongoing collaboration, and recognized psychotherapeutic approaches or interventions. Psychotherapists and therapists at Aurum expressly recognize that individual wellness and concerns are connected to our environments, families, communities, and structural factors (ex. capitalism, colonialism, racism, sexism, ableism/disablism, homophobia, transphobia). As such we apply a (w)holistic and social justice lens to our work with people as we attempt to navigate life in an increasingly fragmented society.

Psychotherapy consults available can be booked or viewed online at this link here, and booked by emailing

Mental Health Therapists are pre-licensed therapists and current psychotherapy students practicing therapy under the supervision of a Registered Psychotherapists.

Therapists are also available for free consults at this link here.