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Lamia Gibson, Registered Acupuncturist & Shiatsu Therapist

“I believe we all deserve to have non-judgemental, high quality health care that is effective, informative and empowering.

I offer Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Food Medicine to everyday people who are stressed or in pain in some way, caring for themselves as best they can and often fed up with not being listened to.  

That sore neck you wake up with, the coworker making your brain explode, intestines that can’t seem to digest anything or an injury you just wish would heal faster; the ongoing back pain, unexplained mystery illness, process of healing trauma or the longing to just feel better in any part of your life are some of the reasons you may choose to work with me.

We will work with Traditional East Asian Medicine, combining my skills as a practitioner and your inherent healing ability to attend to your needs to learn how to best care for your being.

As a leader in the field of Community Acupuncture and client-centered care I have given 1000’s of treatments to 100’s of people.  I studied Shiatsu in 1999, and it opened my mind and heart to the depth of wisdom in the branches of Traditional East Asian Medicines.  To expand my practice and offer more accessible services to clients I returned to school for Acupuncture training and went on to co-own and operate a multidisciplinary community acupuncture clinic for 12 years.  I left the clinic I founded in July of 2019 to recover from burn out, centre my life on my family and dive deeper into my practice. I was then excited and grateful to be bringing my practice to Aurum.  

I love what I do.  The practice of Traditional East Asian Medicine and the chats I have with clients that expand minds and weave health throughout community.  Seeing people get better and opening the door for when they need to come back is one of my deepest callings.

Thank you for the opportunity to work together as we elevate health and wellness in your one precious life.”

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