Small Group Intensive Therapy

10 sessions


Location: 721 Bloor St West, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1L5

Groups, or group therapy work, can be potent agents of change and transformation. The act of being witnessed authentically, and that of witnessing others is a powerful motivator to becoming your authentic self at all times. Here in our Small Intensive Group Therapy program, as with individual therapy, you will encounter your authentic self in what you proactively bring to our sessions. Additionally, unlike in individual therapy, you will have the opportunity to encounter yourself and your reactions to the issues and emotions that others may bring. Within a group setting, one might surprise, delight, challenge oneself and ultimately, face and encounter growth.

There is an opportunity for a deep experience of what it is like to be fully in yourself while with others in the world.

The work in group will draw from the principles of person-centered and relational therapy. We will see ourselves through the relationships that develop between each of us. Apart from interpersonal dynamics, we will pay attention to how power (as embedded in race, gender, citizenship) shows up in the room and may cause influence on and within the psyche.

Our small group program is facilitated by a mental health therapist. Expand your experience of yourself through witnessing the parts you already know, as well as the parts that have been reluctant to come into the light within this group experience. This is for you if you’d like to deepen your journey toward your own fullness. 

This will be a closed group, which means that very session will have the same four participants and the work will be facilitated by the same therapist. 

Book a free consult with the facilitator to learn more.  Please mention or write that you are interested in small group therapy when you make your booking.

From the Facilitator, Kaushiki Rao, MA:

Kaushiki is a mental health therapist at Aurum Medicine and Wellness Clinic, trained as a Person-Centered Integrative therapist and is currently in relational therapy training. She has an international practice and believes group work to be one of the most powerful forms of therapy she will grow as a part of her practice. For more information about individual therapy sessions with Kaushiki, book a no-fee consultation to learn more at this link here.

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