Erin Ladd has been a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario since 2007.

With over 15 years of massage therapy practice in both clinical and spa
settings, clients can expect deep-pressure treatments intended to address their main concerns alongside a warm therapeutic environment to optimize restoration. Within Erin’s career as an RMT, they have provided treatments for discomfort associated with repetitive strain injuries, headaches, postural adaptations, sports-related injuries, car/bike accidents, TMJ dysfunction, pregnancy, anxiety and stress.

Erin wants to emphasize that safety and compassion belong in health care and encourages marginalized clients into her practice. Recently, Erin entered into a transformational mentorship with another RMT. With a goal of supporting and inspiring each other to develop personally and professionally, Erin aims to collaborate with their mentor on ways to structure their practice in ways
that bring comfort and safety to racialized clientele.

As a new parent of a gentle and curious toddler, Erin can be found spending family time at the ROM, an Early ON program or basking in the sun with the Turtles within Allen Gardens. Erin also enjoys cycling, walking the trail in David Balfour park and
talking to loved ones over the best cup of coffee.

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