Osteopathy is a manual therapy that promotes health and healing in your body. Osteopathy centres on the principle that the structure of the body (bones, joints, muscles, and fascia) form the environment for the systems of the body (cardiovascular system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, etc.) to function optimally.

Osteopathy see the blood of the body as medicine because it contains oxygen and nutrients essential for healing. The osteopathic manual practitioner ensures that the blood can flow to where it needs to go as a mechanism for healing. Past injuries, physical conditions, postural patterns (and compensations to these things) interfere with the movement of various vital fluids and are the focus of the treatments. Nerves also pass through the structures of the body to communicate and coordinate our movements. The aim of osteopathy is to have the structures of the body aligned and moving well.

Osteopathic practitioners are not treating an injury, disease or condition in isolation on its own. Rather, they encourage the overall health of the body to enhance the body’s self-healing and self-regulating abilities, which will in turn help to resolve symptoms. During treatment, your osteopathic manual practitioner will move your body in specific ways, assessing and releasing restrictions to restore alignment.

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