My Healthy Pregnancy Plan – Online Program

My Healthy Pregnancy Plan - Online ProgramGet the information, tools and support you need to have a healthy pregnancy and a thriving baby from this fully online, evidence-based, month by month pregnancy coaching program.

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With My Healthy Pregnancy Plan and Dr. Jocelyn Land-Murphy (licensed Naturopathic Doctor, pregnancy and birth coach, and mom of two), you will be able to focus on what really matters – having the healthiest pregnancy possible for you and your baby.

This program consists of monthly modules with key topics including preventing miscarriage, getting the diet right and preparing for birth, as well as 12 Bonus Modules on the most common complaints of pregnancy. There are downloadable resources and more to keep you going through all of your pregnancies.

Who is this program for?

  • The Cautious-But-Committed Momma – you are new to pregnancy and this all feels overwhelming, but you want to do everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy

  • The Empowered Momma – you love being informed about your options and making your own decisions about what is right for your body

  • The Do-It-Differently-This-Time Momma – your first pregnancy did not go as planned and you want to do things differently this time

If you want to feel great throughout your pregnancy, give your baby the best possible start at life, and bounce back quickly after birth, the My Healthy Pregnancy Plan is for you.

Learn more about this program via a FREE Online Workshop: 7 Pregnancy Myths Debunked.

The webinar is 1 hour long, shares some great information about common pregnancy myths, and will tell you more about the program as well.

Health Provider Comment & Review by Dr. Julie Hwang, ND

I love having the opportunity to recommend My Healthy Pregnancy program for those of my patients who want to have a thorough, evidence-based, trusted resource every step of the way through their pregnancy. Dr. Land-Murphy, ND is brilliant and like a personal guide for each month of the way through their pregnancies. She is an incredibly knowledgable colleague who has created a simple program that clearly reviews the aspects of pregnancy that I would review with my patients one-on-one. This program supplies hours of content so if my patients can go through even half the materials, it’s likely still much more than I can go over with my patients given the limited time in our regular one-on-one sessions. With my patients that take this course I have more time to focus on hands-on treatments and specific diagnostics, prescriptions and more. I highly recommend this huge bang-for-buck resource for pregnant women and their partners and especially like that it can be used for life – that means you always have it, every time your are pregnant! Because I love efficient tech and because it is delivered in video or audio form, this makes it a very accessible and helpful program for my patients to add to their treatment and health plans.

–  Dr. Julie Hwang, ND