Aurum Connects: A Conversation with Dr. Julie Hwang, ND

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Dr. Julie Hwang is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and the President and Cofounder of Aurum Medicine & Wellness Clinic. In this interview, Dr. Julie reflects on why she pursued entrepreneurship, what she enjoys about her work, and how working with complex and chronic health issues involves looking at the bigger picture of human experience, incorporating factors of the mind, body, and environment. Read more in her official bio here at this link

Dr. Julie Hwang, ND

What do you enjoy most about your practice?

One experiences a great deal of gratitude when working with patients. It’s a beautiful thing to witness the healing and uncover the joy under the pain. In working with entrepreneurs and creatives, it’s amazing to see them break through their blocks as it presents so tangibly in their work product and business results.


What is something that you’d want your potential patients and clients to know?

Leadership is a universal skill. Some are raised with an aptitude for it, but it is absolutely something anyone can learn and it can be empowering and essential in developing a person’s sense of agency. Healing is all about coming back into knowing who you are and honouring and nurturing your gifts in the opportunity of life. As a provider, it’s important not to judge where one is in their life, to honour their story and to try one’s best to hold a safe space of understanding, which can facilitate that learning and personal growth. This is a critical component to healing alongside the physical treatments and modalities – finding your soul, confidence and purpose again. Everyone has the capability to do this.


Tell us something about your approach.

Working scientifically taking both the inductive and deductive reasoning approaches, along with having human physiology background helps tremendously when working with complex and chronic health conditions. What is known about human physiology can be a great aid in supporting optimal function of physical body and wellness of organs on all levels. What is known about psychological sciences, approaches, therapies and consciousness is also observed and reflected when helpful. Understanding both Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses with conventional medical diagnoses provides a clear framework for what interventions are most helpful in not only supporting the resolution of conditions, but restoring total mind-body balance and health.

Incorporating a timeline from birth of life events and experiences further supports the painting of the complete picture of the individual – including mind, body, social and environmental factors. A reasonable and doable treatment plan is recommended in the first visit, comprising of any if not all of the following treatment modalities: clinical nutrition, individualized botanical medicine, acupuncture from a Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, physical medicine including adjustments and manipulations for rehabilitation purposes, and counselling and lifestyle medicine. Emphasis is on setting concrete, attainable goals and making sustainable changes with a strong emphasis on patients obtaining informed consent and being encouraged to have all the information available to make an integrous cost-benefit analysis of treatment options.

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