Dr. Julie Hwang, BSc ND

Dr. Julie Hwang, ND BSc
CEO & CoFounder of Aurum Medicine & Wellness Corp.
Naturopathic Doctor & Consultant at Aurum Medicine & Wellness Clinic

“Your success in work is directly related to the state of your personal health.”

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Dr. Hwang is the former Executive Director of WHEN, an executive officer of the Institute of Green and Open Sciences, and is the Canadian Ambassador of the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine. She studied Physiology and pre-medical sciences at McGill University in Montreal with an exchange at the National University of Singapore. Following this, she was accepted to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM), the largest AANMC-accredited institution in North America, where she was awarded scholarships for excellence in her naturopathic medicine, completed her 4-year ND program and became licensed in Ontario by the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) after completing the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations (NPLEX I and II).

She pursued additional clinical training at the Humlegaarden Integrative Cancer Clinic in Denmark, and did clinical research in epilepsy with the University of Toronto Epilepsy Research Program. Her clinical continuing education includes the fields of neurological conditions, psychology, environmental medicine, consciousness and healing, learning from teachers and leaders around the world.

Since launching a web-marketing business for practitioners and clinic owners in 2012 and building a charitable organization, Julie has been consulting for entrepreneurs, clinic owners, practitioners and  executives on individual leadership skills and business development. She has expertise in small-business development, daily operations, implementation of technology (including electronic health records systems, direct billing systems, and office management softwares), online marketing solutions (social media, website, sales funnels) and process development. with industry experience in Real Estate, Corporate Wellness, Health Product & Service and Environment, she has served a diverse portfolio of people, organizations and businesses in the non-profit, charitable and for-profit sectors.

She is the Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of Aurum Medicine and Wellness Corp. and practices as a Naturopathic Doctor and consultant in Toronto.

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