Uncovering the Truth about Dieting

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Rebecca Minshall, RD. Aurum’s Registered Dietitian, speaks on the Truth about Dieting and the myths about weight loss diets in this informative free seminar.

This webinar was Recorded Live on June 25, 2020.

Follow along on our video and download the free Resource Guide Handout on the Truth about Dieting at this link below.

About the Facilitator

Headshot Photo of Rebecca Minshall Dietitian
Rebecca Minshall, RD

Rebecca Minshall, MHSc, RD
Registered Dietitian at Aurum Medicine & Wellness Clinic

Rebecca is a holistically-minded Dietitian. She believes food is a cornerstone of well-being and is complementary to life, should not be overwhelming or restrictive. Using mindful eating approaches, Rebecca focuses on what works best for each individual she works with, recognizing that we are all unique. Read more about Rebecca at this link here.

Nutrition and Dietetics. Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian licensed by the College of Dietitians of Ontario

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